Paul Givant was born on the fringes of Los Angeles, shaped musically and spiritually by the valleys and hills of Southern California. Drawn both to the Laurel Canyon and Bakersfield sounds, Givant’s musical career now spans genres and decades, with a deep catalog of songs which weave together elements of folk, roots, Americana and country— with an edge of punk and psychedelia. 

Throughout his music career Givant’s primary musical outlet has been as the singer and songwriter for the Americana folk-rock band Rose's Pawn Shop, which he founded in 2006 and with whom he’s released 4 studio albums, most recently Punch-Drunk Life in 2023. Paul continues to tour with the group regularly on the festival, theater, and club circuits both nationally and internationally. 

His passion for exploring different musical avenues and processing life's highs, lows and complexities through music, also led him to release his first solo record, Fashion District Adjacent, in 2018. Continuing to experiment, he formed the folk-grunge duo The Contraptionists with RPS bassist Stephen Andrews, releasing a debut record, Working Man’s Dread, in 2020.

With his newest solo record, Marigold, Givant continues his musical autobiography and the evolution of his craft. Inspired by the sounds of 1970s folk rock, Marigold is a deeply personal story of growth, awakening and the blossoming of lasting love.